6 ways to protect endangered species everyday

Human activitie

Human activities tend to expose great threat to wildlife acting as a major threat to their existence more so to the endangered species in a number of ways such as illegal poaching and animal transportation, Over fishing,hunting trapping deforestation etc.

Here are ways to help protect wildlife and endangered species

1.Research,Read and Learn

Get informed details on what is currently happening to wildlife and wildlife habitats.This will get you informed on how you can chip in and help.

2.Don’t Harass and Kill Wildlife

You don’t need to shoot,hunt kill or harass wildlife animals for whatsoever reasons whether recreational or for personal gain.The animals are better alive to us than dead!

3.Watch Wildlife and wild animals films .

Take time to learn about issues and what these animals face day in day out. Through watching, learn about their interests, behaviours and get a better understanding of why they do things the way they do.

4.Go Outside and Connect with Wildlife!

As simple as it sounds, just take a walk to go and connect with the wildlife either in parks, through activities and take advantage of one time wildlife tours and events.Spend more time outside appreciating,enjoying and learning about wildlife.Here is a good place to start!

5.Consider your Impact in settling for a house

Habitat destruction is the greatest threat to wildlife.Least considered, stand out and avoid buying houses or building in places that will have to encroach on wildlife territories. Consider your Impact

6. Speak up for wildlife

Speak up against wildlife illegal poaching, wild animal exploitation,sports hunting, over-fishing ,circuses ,wild animals used for entertainment and much more.Become a voice for wildlife on social media,Join conservancies such as wildlife conservation society .

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