Tell the Tale and Share the Experience

how to get exotic travel experinces

We always wish to travel to an exotic destination and get to experience our own unique and inspiring sound. We all wish to tell that tale with a lot of enthusiasm to our friends and relatives. But it comes more beautiful when you get to share that experience with your loved one.

Travelling with your fiancé can definitely be interesting more so if you’ve planned for it and have an itinerary that will guide you for days, weeks or months especially if you are going for a honeymoon.

Get to shout at the top of Mount Longonot, in Naivasha, hold hands while on nature walk to the “gate of hell” Hells Gate. This reminds me of a movie I watched sometime back with a back song Highway to Hell… or just a city tour to Giraffe Centre where you and ‘bae’ can feed baby elephants. Just the thought of elephants accentuates my smile and it will definitely accentuate yours when you get to travel together in a spacious and comfortable land cruiser.

 Harry, my fiancé is always on transit and I think he has influenced me a great deal to become like him. Nowadays, there’s nothing I fancy like travelling and it’s what I tell my friends

travel qoute
Travel Quote

But how do we do it? PPT-Planning, Photography and lastly Tell the tale.


Search for places you two would wish to visit then come up with an itinerary together. But it’s usually not easy for us, especially when Harry insists on visiting the same place thrice in a year.  Why?  He was offered a good package at an affordable price, got to be driven in a big KIFARU (land-cruiser) with a tour guide who’s conversant and skillful when it comes to dealing with tourists.

Planning also involves what the two of you want to do during the trip so that you choose a perfect destination and know what to pack. Is it game grazing? Horse riding? Cycling? Nature walks? All these require proper planning and the right footwear.

If you want something fun that you would wish to tell your kids in future, plan for rock climbing at Hell’s Gate, Naivasha, or zip lining in Kereita, Limuru but prepare for your nerves to almost explode if it’s your first time but once you get at the finishing line, it will become your addiction.  


In life give credit to what’s its due and I give it all to the inventor of selfies. There’s nothing as amaze balls as sharing a memory with PHOTOS. Have a good camera. Take those crazy and random photos or selfies share them on your social media pages if you guys are exclusive or simply store them and make a video out of it. This will help you keep your memories and tell the tale.

Tell the tale

Lastly, share the experience with friends. Narrate the story. Recommend places for your friends to visit after doing the first two steps. Then start once again with PPT.

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