Nairobi has been bustling hub for things to do and see, and that does not change when the sun sets. When the sun goes down the city lights turn on, Nairobi is alive again with various wonders; workers going home, buskers, and tourist exploring. You will find nightclubs, bars, and comedy clubs galore in Nairobi, this is for people who are not ready to sleep after dinner and want to spend their precious time doing exciting and fun things when the sun is down. There are plenty of lively places to hang out, night game drives at Nairobi National park and live music in Nairobi.

Below is our list of top 5 fun things to do in Nairobi at night.

1. Night Game Drives

Nairobi National Park is popular during the day but when the sun goes down all magic happens. Together with experienced tour guides you will spend the night under the stars. Guest will get close to animals without large group of people that occupy the National Park during the day. You will see the big cats and animals that are rarely seen during the day. Night game drives in Nairobi National Park emerge the first in our list of the fun things to do in Nairobi at night.

Often, lions sleep during the day and hunt at night, the big cats are also active in the evening and this the best time to go for a night drive. You should carry you spotter and light to look for animals, this will be a great experience. Animal behaves different at night so observing wildlife at night is the most hilarious way to spend your safari.

Game drives are conducted by the park experienced drivers and guides in the safari cruisers which are fitted with the most powerful light for you to see properly at night. The lights and the game rangers in the cruiser helps the guests see wild animals such as lions, leopards, rhinos, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras, topi, hares, dik dik, elands, night owls, and hartebeest. You never know what you will see until you show up.

After retuning back to the park restaurant you are treated with meals and drinks. You will definitely forget you are only few kilometers away from the country largest city. We recommend visiting game drives in Nairobi with a Masai Mara safari. If you visit during July-November, you stand a chance to witness the Masai mara wildebeest migration.

2. Bars

Nairobi is known for its large number of bars look for a top roof bar to help you explore the city below as you enjoy a drink or two. This is the best way to pick oneself up after a long day activities.

Below are some of the best bars in Nairobi that will offer all types of beverages.

· Zanze Bar

This is a friendly top roof bar that comes with pool tables, cheap meals, and various types of beverages including the Safari brand lagers and ubiquitous Tusker. Zanze bar is extremely busy on weekends because of the reasonable price of drinks and meals. The bar staffs are always welcoming thus attracting crowd of both locals and tourists.

· Lord Dalamere Terrace

This is a historical watering hole since 1904. The bar is named after the 1st British to arrive in Kenya and it is perched right at the heart of smart Norfolk Hotel. Lord Dalamere Terrace serves great menu such as Asian and European food. Looking for fun things to do in Nairobi at night Lord Dalamere Terrace bar is the place to be.

Other bars with well priced drinks and meals include Gipsy Bar, Casablaca, Champagne and Fishbowls bar. Spend you evening in one of the bars to have an exciting and thrilling experience.

3. Clubs

If you consider yourself as club lover then Nairobi should be your next port of call. Nairobi is home to a number of coolest clubs open late in the evening. The clubs has bars, dance-floors, and mouthwatering restaurants with meals that cater for individuals. The clubs are packed on weekends, with crowd dancing shoulder to shoulder as the working days gives way. Most clubs in Nairobi can easily accommodate all of your entertainment needs in one place some of them include Florida 2000, New Florida Nightclub, and Simba Saloon. It is up to choose which club to visit to enjoy both Western and African drinks.

4. Live Music

Looking for fun things to do in Nairobi, visiting live music is the best way to wide up your day. You will have a great opportunity to listen to bands from East Africa and across the country. Acrobats and dancers entertain you as you enjoy Nyama Choma (roasted meat). Most of the restaurants are fully parked at the weekends as people wide up the busy working weekdays in their offices. The hotels have professional chefs who prepare delicious meals ranging from western classic to African favorites. Visit the hotels to end you day in a romantic way watching live dancers and acrobats as you enjoy your drink. Simmer Restaurant, Ngong Hills Hotel, and Klub House are some of the hotels that offer live music visit them to have life time memories.

5. Theaters

Still looking for fun things to do in Nairobi? Visiting some of the theaters in the city is one of the greatest and enjoyable way to spend you evening. In theater rooms you will find every classic musicals and dramas you could think off, from our Kenyan best actors and playwrights. The regular performances in theaters are always packed, making it a perfect place for you to sit back and enjoy. Just like other places theaters have professional guards to ensure you are safe at night. Professional Center and Kenya National Theater are must visit places for theater lovers.

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Nairobi at night. In every evening you will find specials events, pop-up bars, theater performances and much more! Contact us to learn more about everything that is happening in Nairobi. Our safari experts born and raised in Kenya will guide on best places to visit at night.

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