10 Reasons Why you should visit Mombasa-The last one will blow-up your mind

Things to do In Mombasa-Kenya

Mombasa is a coastal city of Kenya along the Indian Ocean. The city is known as the white and blue city in Kenya.

Here are some of the places one can visit while in Mombasa:

1.Fort Jesus

The fort was built in 1593 by the Portuguese, but later used by the Arabs as torture rooms, prison cells where slaves were kept in captivity before being shipped away. Now a museum, that is open daily for a small free. You can also make reservations for dinner accompanied by a sound and light show weekly.

Haller Park

Was known as Bamburi Nature Trails. Haller Park is ideal for cycling, jogging, and nature trails while inhaling nature in all its beauty. With various options to choose from such as the Game Sanctuary, Reptile Park, Butterfly Sanctuary and bird watching. With a flexible budget one can take a leisure walk through lush forests, lakes, streams and plantation and get to be at one with nature.

Mombasa Marine National Park.

Located in the city of Mombasa, the reserve has plenty of activities to offer from wind surfing, snorkeling, deep sea diving, sun bathing and many more attractions to see, a visit to the Marine Park is worth the experience.

Relax on Pirates Beach and enjoy fresh seafood.

For those interested in a different side of Mombasa, this public beach is never a dull moment. The best time to go is usually very early in the morning when it’s less crowded without beach boys harassing you and hawkers trying to sell all sort of things. If you’re fortunate enough through, you can get a chance to buy fresh fish and prawns at a cheap price. If you bump into the fishermen coming back with their catch for the day!

Old Town.

On southeast side of Mombasa Island, the Old Town is reminiscent of the days when the Portuguese ruled this important port. The town’s inhabitants are mostly of Arab, Asian and European origin, and the architecture reflects their cultures. Ornately carved doors and balconies adorn the old buildings that jostle cheek to jowl along the narrow streets. History buffs can easily spend a couple of hours here, strolling along the atmosphere, alleys, snacking at one of the many cafes and shopping for antiques fragrant oils , spies and souvenirs. The Portuguese built Fort Jesus, one of Mombasa’s top tourist attractions, overlooks the harbor here.

Mombasa Tusks.

A famous landmark in the city found in Moi Avenue the Mombasa Tusks where built to commemorate queen Elizabeth visit to Mombasa in 1952 constructed of aluminum, the tusks mark the entrance to the heart of town where visitors will find most of the banks shops and markets. The interesting tusks also for the letter “M” form Mombasa.

Wine and dine at Yul’s restaurant.

Located along the sandy beaches of Bamburi, Yul’s is an ideal restaurant to wine and dine while enjoying the lovely oceanic view, famous for their finger-linking, ice cream, deep sea diving and boat rides, you can sit back, relax and with a cold drink in hand as you savor the ambience.

Go see a movie or go shopping.

With different malls sprawling around Mombasa, city mall and Nyali Cinemax area few of the major ones to choose from. With the state of the art movie theaters and expansive bowling alleys, food courts, clothing stores and supermarkets to choose from there’s something to cater for any budget.

Maasai Market.          

If you’re in need of wood carvings, souvenirs for your loved ones or unique painting for your homes then Maasai market located at Nakumatt Nyali’s parking lot is the place to be every Wednesday and Thursday for a unique shopping experience,

 Enjoy a cocktail Drink at Forty Thieves Beach Bar.

It is situated on the white sandy shores of Diani Beach, less than an hour’s drive from Mombasa. The one and only barefoot restaurant where one can kick back with a cocktail the waves gently lap your toes.

Enjoy great food in a Fabulous setting of the Moorings.

The Moorings is a floating restaurant located on Mtwapa Greek with a fantastic setting. Enjoy excellent and delicious food, great scenery with chilly sea atmosphere. You will definitely enjoy yourself if you love seafood.

Go Clubbing.

Mombasa’s nightlife is like no other and one always has the likes of Bobs, Bella Vista, Sheba and the lounge to party the night away. From the crazy nightlife in Mtwapa to more chilled out clubs like Casablanca club or Bliss lounge, you’re guaranteed a night full of wonderful memories.

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