3 Most Extraordinary African experience you will live to remember

Most Extraordinary African experience

African experiences are priceless.Thousands of tourists arrive in East Africa every year with the intention of spending a few days enjoying its wildlife, luxury beaches and beautiful attractions under the famous African sun. People visit to take advantage of the amazing activities the countries offer.

here is a myth that the region is all wild with no comforts or refinements. However, the region features stunning scenery with recurring shifts of sought-after beauty, attractions and activities to whet any thrill-seeking appetite. It is untamed, it’s spectacular and every form of mortality just can’t get enough of the crack of the dawn. Africa offers amazing experiences you will treasure for the rest of your life.

f you really want to see what Africa is all about, you need to get off and travel into the many cities and towns, meet the people and learn about the culture and history. Every visitor finds the East African culture inviting, appealing and amazing. Here are the 3 Most extraordinary experiences you will never forget

Wildlife safari

Africa is a well-known destination for a wildlife safari. The African region features an unspoiled stretch of scrubland and savannah, burgeoning with untamed wildlife. There are several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in East Africa, containing the various animals and rare species of wildlife, including ‘the Big Five’. Many tourists visit this African region to experience an ultimate safari. Here are the safari destinations you have to visit in East Africa to experience an extraordinary wildlife safari – Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania/Kenya, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania, Simien Mountains National Park in Ethiopia and many others. Visit Top destinations

2. A taste of East African authentic cuisine

The authentic cuisine of East Africa is undoubtedly colourful, with exclusive and spicy mix that you will never taste anywhere. East Africa cooking is so delicious that you will want to repeat it even when you get to your home country. Most of the dishes are made from rice, yam, beans, maize, sorghum and more, with stew and soups cooked with pepper, tomatoes, vegetables, meat, fish, chicken and more. Fresh milk, cheese and butter are also common in East Africa. Our fishermen are fearless and they fish in some of the untamed waters in East Africa to bring the finest seafood to our table. East African foods are always tasteful, deliciously healthy.

3. Stay and sleep in underwater room in Pemba Island

For an extraordinary experience under the sea, stay at the Manta Resort and enjoy a luxury underwater accommodation. This is where you can create a memorable experience by sleeping close to the fishes. Manta Resort is located in Pemba Island, Zanzibar, and it is an underwater nest for everyone. Visit Pemba Island and immense yourself in its stunning beaches and enjoy all the exciting activities it offers.

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